E-waste Recycling

Solution Model

E-Waste PROBLEMS – Diagram


There have a several action and step that we can apply by E-waste Management Sdn Bhd to product life cycle to prevent e-waste problem. Start from manufacture line go to customer, recycle part and come back to manufacture. All the process a show in diagram 1.

Diagram 1 – Product Cycle
Diagram 2 – Product Blueprint 

Manufacture sector is a larger part in produce product and important part to start prevent deposit of e-waste. In electrical and electronic equipment manufacturing is vital to take care of their material that uses to produce the product. The materials entail the legal requirement and do not cause contamination to environment also human being. Although as we know in manufacturing sector, company a searching for low cost process and material that can increase their profit. This situation, make company take action to use cheaper material usually a hazardous and toxic once. Such like mercury, lead, cadmium, and chromium, all this kind of heavy metal that can harm human being and cause diseases. Company should take alternatives to decrease using consumption of hazardous material and keep on avoid to usage it. According the extended producer responsibility legislation (EPR), which makes manufacturers responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, can encourage the use of more benign components and improved recycle ability. They shift to use material can easy dispose and environment friendly. Other than that e-waste advocates or pushing ‘produce responsibility’ because it gives an incentive to make manufacture produce more friendly product to environment. Beside that company can improve their product with try to produce product that have long recycle life. This action can slow the increasing of e-waste.

That is become a responsibility in this stage, company E-waste Management have to manage all e-waste residue. All of that can have from collection point or recycle center. The main action is doing determine process and divided to recycle and non recycle product. Their also must do managing both part to right process.

None recycle product to elimination and neutralization form hazardous material before landfill and incinerated. It to avoid any pollution or damage to environment. Such like under ground water resource. It also must compliance with environment regulation.Many of material can be extract e-waste product. It includes a valuable material such like gold, platinum, copper, and silver. Other than that it can extract into the basic commodities – glass, metal and plastic – before selling them to manufacturers who turn them into new products. This item more cheaper compare to same material that extract from natural sources.  Beside with can take care of our environment from damage.  As a customer we playing a major role in exterminate again e-waste. In this situation, we should know our responsibility by increase knowledge and involvement toward this problem. It started since we by the electrical product until it expiree. Every decision can bring a different out come. That why we must thing every consequent according our decision toward e-waste if it not manage properly for human also environment.


It is have a several step that customer can apply to prevent e-waste on their part. First it can be when we buy an electrical product. Select the product have a long product life cycle. Directly can recycle and do not use hazardous material also environment friendly. We also can reuse the old product and just upgrade the stuff or repair it. Other action is a selling or even donating the thing. It can apply in the big companies that have a many electrical and electronic. By sell their commodity to their employee with the cheaper price they build good relationship with them. EBay and freecycle.org are two good resources for selling electronics.

Donating to various charities and non-profit organizations. It gives the good image to their company and contributes to corporate social responsibility. Many charities have minimum system requirements for acceptable computer systems. But the broken systems, or those too old to be useful to charities, can be recycled through some retail outlets and municipal or private recycling centers, often at a fixed cost per item. In addition customer should pay for advance recycling fee. These entities to return of old equipment to collection point


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